Friday, June 14, 2024

ePLDT expands Vitro Makati2 with additional 12-MW capacity

Data center operator ePLDT has expanded Vitro Makati 2 (VM2), its largest operational data center to-date, with an additional 12 megawatts (MW) capacity that will power nearly 1,600 new racks.

Photo from ePLDT

This will bring VM2’s total capacity to 3,360 racks running on 20 MW of total power capacity, an increase of 150%.

Victor S. Genuino, president and CEO of ePLDT said, “The expansion of Vitro Makati 2 will enable ePLDT to accommodate additional requirements of existing customers and to keep up with the country’s ever-increasing data center demands.”

The facility’s new capacity will be ready by March 2023 to accommodate surging data center demand in the country.

Considered as one of PLDT’s global points of presence, VM2 connects directly to major international cable landing stations in the country, directing massive global data into Vitro’s network.

This seamless flow of data, in turn, enriches the diversity of content and IP hosted in the data center’s peering platform, the Vitro Internet exchange (VIX).

VIX facilitates local and optimized peering between Internet content providers and telco providers which eliminates the need for data traffic to be routed internationally.

ePLDT is building its 11th data center in the Philippines located in a 5-hectare property in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Vitro Sta. Rosa will have an initial power capacity of 14MW in early 2024 and will further increase to 50MW once fully operational, which will make it the largest and most advanced data center in the country.


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