Sunday, April 21, 2024

NEDA to pursue innovation in digital transformation, infra dev’t

The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) said it will promote and advance innovation in the country with priorities in digital transformation and infrastructure development in collaboration with the private sector.

NEDA secretary Arsenio Balisacan

This was stressed by NEDA secretary Arsenio Balisacan saying that innovation plays a critical role in the pursuit for sustained and accelerated economic growth and development, as it serves as a catalyst for raising overall productivity and elevating the quality of goods and services.

“We continue to build upon the framework of the National Innovation Agenda for 2032, which is the overall framework determining our priority areas for innovation. This framework sets the theme of enabling a flourishing innovation ecosystem through the aspects of governance, policy, infrastructure, innovation finance, and culture,” said Balisacan.

Balisacan said the National Innovation Agenda and Strategy Document are closely tied up with the Philippine Development Plan 2023-2028 on advancing research and development, technology, and innovation.

“These two documents are aimed at enabling a strong innovation governance to drive the innovation ecosystem towards our national innovation priority areas and long-term innovation goals of a smart and innovative Philippines that is productive, resilient, and sustainable, as well as inclusive,” said Balisacan.

The Philippine Innovation Act outlines the country’s ten-year vision and long-term goals for innovation and serves as a detailed roadmap towards improving innovation governance.

“The administration reaffirms its commitment and determination to turn these visions and plans into a reality, and build a strong economic foundation for the future generations of Filipinos,” Balisacan added.


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