Friday, September 22, 2023

PLDT captures 5th straight ‘fastest ISP’ award from Ookla

PLDT, the largest telecommunications and Internet service provider in the Philippines, has been recognized by mobile metrics firm Ookla as the fastest Internet service provider (ISP) in the country for the fifth consecutive year.

Jeremiah de la Cruz, PLDT senior vice president and head of its home business group

According to Ookla, only a handful of companies in the world have won award and that PLDT is the second ISP to accomplish the feat.

To be eligible for the award, a provider must have at least a 3% market share with Ookla analyzing 88 million tests on fixed broadband connections to determine the winners.

The program is based on a metric called speed score, which takes into account both download and upload speeds, said Ookla.

Does the Ookla award benefit its customers?

“The award in itself does not directly affect the customer. But what actually does is measure the service we have been able to deliver to our customers,” said Jeremiah de la Cruz, PLDT senior vice president and head of its home business group.

“To win the award five years in a row is quite an achievement. And what it shows is that we have been consistent in the service we have delivered to our customers,” he added.

The PLDT executive said the company is still keen on expanding its fiber home network, which currently covers 68% of the country.

“We do want to cover as much of the Philippines. As you can see over the last three years, we’ve accelerated the speed of our fiber rollout,” said De la Cruz.


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