Tuesday, March 5, 2024

PhilTower inks deal to digitize cell towers from Globe

Digital shared infrastructure provider PhilTower Consortium has announced an operations partnership with SiteSee and QNSI to digitize 1,350 cell towers purchased from Globe in September 2022.

A drone takes images of the towers, which are then made into 3D models to serve as digital twin of the assets

The SiteSee digital twin platform, combined with QNSI field surveys and audit tools, is enabling PhilTower to optimize its infrastructure and capture new revenue opportunities faster, the company said.

The combination of SiteSee’s advanced tools and QNSI local service delivery capability is step by step replacing traditional engineering inspections and enhancing asset management practices.

The digitization of PhilTower cell sites began in December 2022 with the aim of improving the information exchange and collaboration with its clients (the MNOs) by providing a more comprehensive and streamlined process for asset management, more accurate co-location identification and built quality compliance.

Drone-based survey by QNSI are fully integrated in the comprehensive site audit services. SiteSee processes the drone images into accurate 3D models. For each cell site the SiteSee artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are applied to render a digital twin of the assets.

This partnership with SiteSee as the technology principal and QNSI, a local project management and service provider partner, has quickly enabled this new technology to be integrated into PhilTower workflows.

“Digital transformation is revolutionising our industry, and I am proud that PhilTower has taken the lead on this. These state of art technologies like drones and AI help streamline and accelerate our operations and provide enormous benefits for our customers as it creates transparency and speeds up transactions,” Devid Gubiani, CEO of PhilTower,said.  

“Apart from the advanced technology applied, digitalizing our tower portfolio is a demanding task in terms of logistics and managing large field operations. QNSI’s local knowledge in rolling out large-scale field operations nationwide has proven to be a critical success factor in getting the program off the ground.”

PT Pawar, COO of PhilTower said: “The drone audit resulted into operation efficiency in terms of accurate and detailed asset registers, reduce truck rolls and audit time, accelerate loading analysis, ease of co-location process and deployment. We also anticipate the potential saving in future tower preventive maintenance cost.  This strategic partnership is one of our steps towards digitalization and modernization of distributed assets”.


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