Thursday, December 7, 2023

Indian tech firm touts solutions for PH businesses

Indian technology firm Zoho Corporation recently held its annual user conference in the Philippines and highlighted its latest solutions for local companies.

The “Zoholics” user conference also tackled how generative AI has been impacting businesses.

Gibu Matthew, VP and GM of Zoho Corp. in Asia Pacific, noted that “generative AI has made a difference in how we consume technology. It allows us to be more human with the technology.”

Generative AI, exemplified by Chat GPT, is revolutionizing technology by adding relatability and versatility, the executive said.

He further said that in the Philippines, the digitalization of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as micro-SMEs “is an important initiative for the long-term growth of the country’s GDP.”

“As customers increasingly embrace digital-first approaches, Zoho stands as a valuable partner in the Philippines’ technology evolution,” the executive said, adding that the company also observed substantial growth in the Philippines, with widespread adoption of various products across our portfolio.

The executive said the company is also committing to deepen its involvement with the local developer community to help train businesses and future generations to use technology to improve business processes.

The company — through the Zoholics event — further said it is determined to provide enhanced support to customers in the Philippines’ business community, spur the conversation for digital transformation in businesses, and foster closer connections and stronger relationships with valued clients and partners.

Zoho noted that Zoholics Philippines will be followed within the week by two other conferences in the region, Zoholics Malaysia, and Zoholics Singapore, further extending Zoho’s impact across Southeast Asia.

“We are looking forward to gathering with Zoho Users and partners to share knowledge, experiences, and insights that will undoubtedly empower businesses in the region,” the company said.

Zoho Corporation currently has more than 55 applications that companies can use as digital tools for transformation. The company said its product suite “is a catalyst for business transformation, encompassing customer experience, employee experience, finance, HR, and analytics.”


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