Friday, April 19, 2024

Study: Marketers in Asia Pacific cite need for measuring digital media quality

Digital media measurement firm DoubleVerify has unveiled key insights and data on the digital advertising ecosystem and media quality landscape in Asia Pacific, including the Philippines.

The study, titled “Raising the Bar in APAC: How Media Quality and Performance Drive Outcomes”, was developed in conjunction with industry intelligence firm WARC.

Key findings presented how pivotal changes in the digital ecosystem are transforming the way marketers optimize for advertising effectiveness:

  • There is a huge appetite for social media across the region, with 60% of the world’s social media users coming from Asia Pacific.
  • Marketers in the Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines, recognize the importance of measuring media quality, with 91% agreeing that it is important to do so to drive performance in digital advertising, and 98% of marketers using ad verification tools in their campaigns.
  • Despite the use of ad verification tools, the report however shows ad verification is not ‘always on’ for Asia Pacific marketers, with one in three using verification tools only on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Furthermore, a significant portion of marketers surveyed fail to evaluate digital media buys against core quality metrics, with only 17% evaluating critical effectiveness indicators like brand suitability, viewability, fraud, or if the ad was served in the intended geography.

Steph King, senior sales director for Southeast Asia at DoubleVerify, said, “Effective digital advertising requires not only intent but also targeted action. The DoubleVerify study in Asia Pacific illuminates the critical need for marketers to align their goals with comprehensive media quality measurement practices, ensuring that every campaign resonates with integrity and impact.

“Amidst the vast opportunities for digital ad spending growth in Asia Pacific, advertisers, including those in the Philippines, face the critical task of safeguarding their investments through continuous verification across all channels. Media quality serves as the cornerstone of every campaign.”

The evolving role of social media and the rise of retail media, as highlighted by DoubleVerify, is shifting the way advertisers leverage digital platforms:

  • Social media has evolved from being a platform for connection to a channel that reinforces integral touchpoints of the commerce journey — with Filipino users utilizing social media for brand and product discovery (43%), brand and product research (56%), and product purchase (13%).
  • Super-apps are also a big phenomenon at the moment, where local commerce marketplaces, such as Grab, Lazada, and Shopee, have grown in popularity as discovery channels, beating out traditional platforms like Google Search.
  • Marketers agree with the rising significance of retail media with 99% of Asia Pacific marketers planning to increase retail media spend over the next 12 months.

The rise of the attention economy:

  • Almost 70% of consumers in Southeast Asia spend more time-consuming content online each day.
  • As many as 98% of marketers surveyed said they use attention metrics measurement tools to evaluate digital media purchases; however, traditional metric measurements alone are not enough.

The transformation of advertising with AI:

  • Technology continues to evolve, as does the advertising industry, marked by the presence of digital advertising (in the 2000s), programmatic (in the 2010s), and artificial intelligence (in the 2020s).
  • At the same time, developments in AI will have a far-reaching impact on the advertising industry; in particular, the predictive capabilities of machine learning to optimize ad performance in various areas. 

Tinee Cruz, senior sales director for the Philippines at DoubleVerify, commented, “The digital ecosystem in the Philippines is experiencing unprecedented growth, particularly in the evolving role of social media. With the proliferation of digital channels and platforms, advertisers are presented with unparalleled opportunities to connect with target audiences, yet they also face the challenge of navigating an increasingly fragmented digital landscape.

“Ensuring media quality, anchored on brand suitability and authenticity, is essential for aligning digital ads with the brand’s values and image, thereby enhancing credibility and trust. DoubleVerify’s Asia Pacific research report aims to provide the necessary data and insights to empower marketers in raising the standards of media quality.”


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