Monday, May 27, 2024

Hollywood stars Liza Soberano, Dolly De Leon join forces to back up Maya

E-wallet and digital bank app Maya has signed up Hollywood actress Dolly De Leon to join Liza Soberano in its stable of celebrity endorsers. 

Building on last year’s collaboration with Soberano, Maya continues to push boundaries by introducing De Leon, a celebrated Filipina actor who has captivated audiences both locally and globally.

Soberano recently starred in her first Hollywood film, “Lisa Frankenstein,” alongside young Hollywood stars Kathryn Newton & Cole Sprouse, receiving good reviews from critics.

Maya is powering her with a black Maya card that enables her with seamless payment transactions whenever she is in California or other global travel destinations.

As the newest endorser of Maya, De Leon adds more depth and undeniable charm. Known for her notable, award-winning performances, she has become an influential figure in both the local and international film community.

Her expanding horizons also means a busy schedule that sees her jetting off to film locations. De Leon takes full control over these changes by getting banked with Maya.

“I use Maya because I hate going to a bank branch, especially with my busy schedule, to fill out forms for a simple transaction when I can do all of that on my phone. And just like Liza, I use my Maya card to pay for everything, especially when I’m traveling to various places for work. It really does let me do things with my money, my bank, my way,” she said.

Maya has created a short film featuring Soberano and De Leon’s acting chops alongside fun and unique references to iconic Hollywood films and pop culture.

From Assassin Liza to Kaiju Dolly, every scene in the film brings fun and excitement as it shows why Maya is as easy as a wallet and as safe as a bank. 

Pepe Torres, Mayas chief marketing officer, expresses his enthusiasm, saying, “We’re thrilled to have both Liza and Dolly pushing boundaries of payments and banking with Maya, as you’ve seen in the newly launched short film.

“They make the country proud as they achieve greater heights on the global scene. They embody the spirit of defiance and optimism, making them the perfect ambassadors for Maya.”


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