Monday, May 27, 2024

Epson PH expands POS printer line-up with TM-T88VII model

Tech giant Epson has announced the launch of the TM-T88VII, the latest addition to its POS printer line-up in the Philippines.

The new TM-T88VII allows for easy POS integration with features such as Server Direct Print, multiple language support, and the availability of a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) which enables easy customization based on user needs.

Now with enhanced printing speeds of up to 500mm/s, the TM-T88VII is 1.4 times faster than its predecessor the TM-T88VI. In addition, enjoy quiet printing at 52 dB, which is 3 dB quieter than its predecessor, making it a boon for usage in quiet environments.

And with an auto cutter life of up to three million cuts, businesses can operate smoothly with reduced maintenance costs.

The printer’s LED Light Indicators enable convenient checking of the network connection status.

The TM-T88VII also makes cleaning a breeze, even when used in a kitchen environment, thanks to its splash resistance of IPX2 and a simple, flat design.

In addition to its compact size, the printer’s new PS-190 power supply is also slimmer and takes up 24% less space than the previous model, the PS-180.

It also has multi-language printing support with the TM-T88VII’s Unicode UTF-8 support. With just one printer, businesses can print in various languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, thereby getting to save on costs and time.

The TM-T88VII’s Server Direct Printing functionality also allows it to directly collect data from cloud servers, helping businesses to save costs on hardware servers. This also makes it ideal for handling high volumes of online orders.

Users can leverage on the flexibility of device integration with any POS system through comprehensive POS Utility Tools, as well as Development Kits for Android, iOS, or JavaScript.

Quick and easy pairing with tablets is also possible through NFC connections or SimpleAP mode. Its multiple interface support also opens a wide range of connection possibilities, such as USB, Serial, Ethernet, to the optional Wi-Fi dongle, making it compatible with a wide range of POS services.

“The next evolution in high-speed POS printers, the TM-T88VII, is designed to transform in-store operations,” noted Noelle Gonzalez, Marketing Division Head at Epson Philippines.

“Fuss-free to set up and packed with a host of features, Epson’s TM-T88VII is the ideal POS printer for businesses with its high-speed printing and flexible connectivity. We are confident that not only will the TM-T88VII enhance the in-store experience, but it will also optimize retail business operations and lead retail transformation with high-efficiency POS.”


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