Hot Button | Beverage company slammed for ‘Bugbog o dignidad?’ FB post

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One of the hottest issues in the country today is the bullying incidents at the Ateneo Junior High School involving a student who knows taekwondo. The horrifying incidents were all caught on video clips ? all of which have gone viral.

In one of the clips, the 14-year-old boy tagged as the bully could be heard asking his targets: “Bugbog o dignidad?” Rough translation: “A beating or your dignity?” If the targeted boy chose a beating, the bully would beat him up. If dignity was the preferred option, the bully would make the victim kneel before him and kiss his shoes. For the latter option, the bully was also heard stating on video that he would also make the victim kiss is “bayag (genitals).”

The school is reportedly conducting a probe on the matter. Meanwhile, the online mob is out for blood and has the taekwondo bully in its sights. In other words, it has gotten out of control. Memes featuring the face of the bully are now all over social media. It appears to be a form of digital frontier justice ? not that it’s the kind of justice needed for this particular issue.

Amid all this, the team behind the Appeton Philippines Facebook page posted an ad that showed a skinny kid being taunted for his appearance. Appeton is marketed as “a high-protein formula specially formulated for skinny people to gain weight healthily.”

The ad bore these words: “Bullied? Never again!” The caption that came with the post was probably what caused some concerned netizens to see red: “Bugbog o dignidad? 5,4,3,2,1?”

One of those who commented on the post was writer Ching Dee, who wrote: “It?s wrong and disgusting to turn this issue into a marketing stunt.” There were many others who echoed Dee’s sentiments.

It remains to be seen if the higher-ups at Appeton Philippines will address this issue. Hopefully, people should gain some insight in this matter. At the very least, it should start a debate on which lines brands shouldn’t cross when it comes to promotion.

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