Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Tom Noda


Makati public schools to get 750 units of Intel e-learning tablets

The Department of Education (DepEd) division in Makati City announced on Thursday, Nov. 21, that it is rolling out a total of 750 units of Intel Education Tablets, which it acquired for a total of P30 million.

Globe reaches out to the cloud to deliver healthcare in PH

Besides patient care, Globe HealthCloud is expected to increase work efficiencies of doctors and HMOs concerning scheduling, approving, record keeping, and facilitating claims, among others.

Huawei burnishes creds with customized ICT solutions for PH biz

In an attempt to build itself as a credible supplier of IT solutions across multiple industries, China-based tech company Huawei is shifting its focus from local telcos to other business sectors in the Philippines.

Resurgent Nokia unveils ‘superphone’ with 41 megapix camera in PH

In a bid to hasten its recovery, phone maker Nokia officially released in the Philippines on Tuesday, Oct. 1, the Nokia Lumia 1020, a handset touted by some as more like "a high-end camera with smartphone features" rather than the other way around.

Intel PH: Our single-core chips will trump multiple-cores of rivals

In the high-stakes battle in the mobile computing space, chipmaker Intel is determined to strengthen its campaign that it isn't the size or quantity that matters but the performance when it comes to core processors in wireless devices.

At 25, local tech firm sees bright future in the cloud

Although it has seen the explosive growth of the local IT industry in the last 25 years, local systems integration group Micro D International...

Sennheiser revs up bid to capture PH headphone market

Sennheiser has lifted the curtains on the newest member of its Momentum On-Ear products in an attempt to expand its footprint in the local headphone market.

Fujifilm takes bold shot at PH market with new ‘film’ camera

The Mini 90 Neo Classic, which produces instant photos similar to the Polaroid film cameras, comes in a two-tone retro-look design.

PLDT, Avaya roll out ‘video-as-a-service’ solution in PH

PLDT is bundling the VaaS offering with desktop PCs, Macs, and popular iOS and Android devices to enable those inside and outside an organization to join a video meeting.

BPO firms told: Emphasis on family values, educ can tame attrition

Instead of engaging in a salary fight with rival firms, players in the Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry should focus instead on "education" and "family values" for their employees to stay and remain loyal.

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