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Best of Philippines’ iGaming

There is a single solution to help gamblers in the Philippines become advanced users of the iGaming sites.

Lazada kicks off sale season with 9.9 Super Show VIP Night Special

Online shopping site Lazada is kicking off a series of highly anticipated year-end campaigns with the 9.9 Big Brands Sale and a star-studded line-up for its LazMall 9.9 Super Show VIP Night Special – a 2-hour show to be headlined by Lazada brand ambassador Alden Richards with special participation of GMA-7 celebrities.

Shopee kicks off shopping season with 9.9 Super Shopping Day

Shopee has launched the year-end shopping season with its signature 9.9 Super Shopping Day with international superstar Jackie Chan, who will be featured in a range of activities across Shopee’s end-of-year shopping festivals.

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