Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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PH first to launch Jobstreet’s new AI-powered platform

Online jobs site Jobstreet has launched a completely new platform now uses its parent company SEEK’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology to offer better job matches.

11-year tech veteran named new JobStreet PH managing director

SEEK, the parent company of online employment marketplaces JobStreet and JobsDB, has appointed Dannah Majarocon as JobStreet Philippines managing director, effective July 2023.

Online survey: PUP remains top choice by employers, followed by UP, DLSU

Online job portal JobStreet by SEEK has officially revealed the latest list of top educational institutions preferred by hirers in the Philippines when it comes to recruiting applicants.

JobStreet advocates ‘fair hiring’ in PH

Online job portal JobStreet said it intends to enhance its commitment to eradicating unfair hiring practices by cracking down on the exploitation of Filipino workers across the nation.

Skills in digital tools and devices will be in demand in 2023, JobStreet says

JobStreet advises candidates to start by embracing team assignments or projects, being active listeners with seniors and colleagues, and having empathy and support in every way possible to help them grow.

Job outlook report: IT, telecom among PH industries with strong growth, recovery

The Jobstreet report said calls for software developer-related jobs grew by 83.3%. The rollout of 5G technology nationwide, meanwhile, has contributed highly the ongoing job growth of the telecom sector.

Virtual job fair offers 24,000 remote positions for ‘new normal’

According to Jobstreet’s internal data and reports, the workforce’s changing behavior comes from their shifting priorities.

JobStreet says average salary in PH on the rise

JobStreet is seeing an uptick in the average salary growth based on the job posts on its platform.

24,000 gov’t vacancies to be offered in virtual job fair

Online jobs site Jobstreet has inked a partnership with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) for its annual Virtual Career Fair on September 20 to 24, which features over 24,000 government vacancies.

Despite pandemic, 73,000 jobs available on JobStreet

As of April 2021, more than 4.14 million Filipinos were jobless – a bleak figure spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic.
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