Friday, June 14, 2024

JobStreet says average salary in PH on the rise

The majority of industries in the Philippines took a hit from the mobility restrictions imposed by local government. Despite this, online job portal JobStreet is seeing an uptick in the average salary growth based on the job posts on its platform.

JobStreet Salary Report

JobStreet’s 2021 Salary Report revealed that half of the jobs offered across 22 industries reflected increased pay, specifically, an increase of 22.9% compared to 2020. The salary data is sourced from six Asian countries, including the Philippines.

The leading industries with increased pay include education (67%), public service (64%), social services (52%), electrical/electronics (50%), computer/IT (48%), marketing/advertising (48%), telecommunications (48%), healthcare (48%), construction and building (47%), and communication service (46%).

“The report aimed to provide candidates with information and insights to manage their salary expectations and to help improve their career planning, while also assisting employers in making strategic hiring offers and decisions,” said JobStreet Philippines country manager Philip Gioca.

With the hybrid working model gaining prominence in several industries, employment opportunities in the IT and telecommunication sectors are thriving. This trend is also observed in digital marketing jobs, as well as public sector positions, according to JobStreet.

Unfortunately, the sectors adversely affected by the pandemic include oil and gas, hospitality, consumer goods, retail, banking, and retail. Despite its unaffected salary offers, the BPO industry posted 40% less job ads compared to the previous year.

“The pandemic has had a huge impact in the labor market in the past couple of years. This also made the competition for quality talents steep among hirers, causing employers to make adjustments to their offerings, policies, and work environment,” Gioca explained.

Gioca also attributed the difference between companies inside the NCR to the rest of the country is the rising Covid-19 cases from the metro. The industries who thrived in this region, however, also met significant increases in salary offers.


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