Monday, June 24, 2024
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More women in PH struggling with WFH set-up compared to men: study

Women, especially working mothers, are facing more significant obstacles under the current set-up compared to men, according to the LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2021.

Remote working jobs on the rise in SE Asia: report

A new report from LinkedIn said the year 2020 saw a rise in demand for digital and soft skills as employers shifted from hiring based on credentials to hiring based on skills held.

Local SMEs driving demand for young, tech-savvy talent: report

LinkedIn’s research found that technology-related skills have the highest year-on-year growth among SMEs, indicating ongoing initiatives to improve their products, services, and operations.

LinkedIn reveals ‘Most Popular Courses’ for 2020

The top remote jobs in the Philippines are freelance writer, data encoder, accountant, data entry clerk, and technical support engineer.

78% of Pinoys say network connections crucial in job opportunities

Data from online site LinkedIn revealed that the majority of Filipinos believe that having strong connections is important to get ahead in life. However, up to 60 percent believe that they do not have strong enough networks that can help connect them to opportunities.

LinkedIn poll: Pinay working moms want to be biz owners but lack time, funds

The study found the Philippine has the lowest female workforce participation in Southeast Asia at 46 percent.

Survey finds age as key barrier for work opportunities among Pinoys

Overall, the Philippines is the fifth most optimistic country in the world and second most optimistic after Indonesia in Southeast Asia.

Study: Top skills in Asia Pacific dominated by tech-related skills

Traditional industries are adopting new technology and riding the wave of digital transformation to improve operations and introduce new products and services, the report said.

Top 5 emerging jobs in PH all related to tech sector: study

The findings underscore the demand for jobs which require hybrid skills, primarily to help organizations in the country navigate their digital transformation journey.

Quarter-life crisis affects 87% of Filipino professionals: survey

More than 60 percent find their quarter-life crisis marked by worries that they are not earning enough, the report said.
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