Monday, May 27, 2024
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Report: Pinoy workers lead the world in use of AI tools

According to the 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report, the Philippines leads AI use in the worrkplace, with 86% of knowledge workers already using AI, and 83% bringing their own AI tools. 

Report cites crucial role of talent dev’t in world of work transformed by AI

With skills needed for a job changing by a staggering 68% by 2030 due to the impact of AI, 91% of companies in the Asia Pacific say they plan to enhance their people’s skills and abilities in the new year.

Majority of PH marketers ready to embrace AI, says report

The study of more than 1,500 marketing professionals across the globe, including over 700 in Asia Pacific revealed that the majority of marketers in the Philippines (82%) believe AI will significantly change how they work in the next year, and 53% hope it will help them be more productive.

LinkedIn report reveals Pinoy professionals adapting to AI

The LinkedIn report said over three quarters of professionals (76%) believe there will be a “significant” change to their jobs next year due to AI.

Report: PH has widest employment gap in STEM between men & women in Asia Pacific

LinkedIn data found that women in the Philippines comprised 58.8% of the workforce in non-STEM fields but only 36.3% in the STEM workforce.

PH finance sector undergoing rapid transformation, LinkedIn says

Financial institutions are partnering with platforms such as LinkedIn to enhance their hiring processes to attract top talent, invest in large-scale workforce upskilling, and develop internal frameworks to identify and bridge skills gaps.

IT services, fintech firms lead LinkedIn’s 2023 top companies list in PH

Information technology (IT) services and consulting firm Accenture emerged as the top company this year, followed by financial services firms Mynt (GCash) (#2) and Maya (#3).

LinkedIn: More firms taking skills-first approach to remain competitive

In the Philippines, LinkedIn data shows that skills to do any particular job have changed by 31% on average since 2015 and could go up by 48% in 2025, the company said.

LinkedIn unlocks 100 learning courses on AI

The company said building AI into its products isn't new, and that the company has done this for the past 16 years and is uniquely positioned to use AI to help hirers find the right candidates.

LinkedIn says investments in learning & dev’t to soar in 2023

To remain agile and resilient in the fast-evolving business environment, companies are prioritizing soft skills to help their workforce navigate complex work situations, build relationships, and achieve results.
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