BPI ATM praised for ‘selfie-worthy lighting’

These days, when we discuss banks, it’s usually about how they are now using EMV technology in their ATM cards. Banks also make it the news when some of their clients’ accounts are compromised.

Image used with permission from Jayden Jara

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is one of the country’s most well-known banks. However, in June 2017, BPI experienced a rather high profile glitch that left many people irate.

Now, BPI may have something that will at least somewhat appease some of their previously exasperated clients.

Thanks to Facebook user Jayden Jara, we now know that certain BPI ATMs offer the perfect lighting for selfies. Jayden revealed that he had used the BPI ATM at Market! Market! in Taguig. He then realized that it had “really good lighting.”

Since nobody else was using the BPI ATM at that time, Jayden figured he would he would have a bit of fun. He took out his phone and took a selfie. He later uploaded the selfie on his Facebook page with this caption: “No ring light? No problem!” The images that he shared also bore the words: “Pakak yung ilaw.” Translation: “The lighting is beautiful.”

The post got hundreds of shares. Those who shared the photo said they, too, would try to take their selfies when they use the BPI ATM.

One woman (who requested anonymity) said she had also taken a BPI ATM selfie that made her look “luminous.” She had added, “BPI ATM lang talaga yata ang maganda yung ilaw pang-selfie (I think it’s just the BPI ATM that has great lighting for taking a selfie). I haven’t tried with other ATMs.”

Perhaps, BPI should consider promoting its ATMs as selfie booths as well. They can definitely bank on the lighting to take them farther.

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