PH displays ‘digital wood moisture meter? in Iran exhibit

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The Philippines, through the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), recently showcased its locally made ?digital wood moisture meter? held in Tehran, Iran.

Exhibit visitors check out the digital wood moisture meter

The digital meter was developed by the Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI), an agency under the DOST.

The contraption was one of the 330 selected entries from the 1,000 inventions screened at the 5th FAJR International Inventions and Innovation Exhibition 2013 held last February in Iran.

Representing the country were FPRDI?s Marina Alipon and Grecelda Eusebio.

?The exhibit was a good venue to showcase our moisture meter, as well as form linkages with other science agencies worldwide,? said Alipon.

According to her, some engineers, university professors, and businessmen showed interest in adopting the technology.

Alipon led the team that developed the digital wood moisture meter in 2009. Designed for small industry players, it is a device that reads the moisture content particularly of Philippine wood species.

It was built using local spare parts and is P10,000 to 15,000 cheaper than imported meters at only P5,500 per unit.

?Knowing how much moisture a wood contains is extremely important to ensure the quality of wood products. For example, the moisture content of products bound for temperate countries must be low enough (about 7-10 percent) so as not to distort, shrink, or crack while in service,? explained Alipon.

About 100 handicraft and furniture firms nationwide are now using the gadget, said Alipon.

The wood moisture meter has already won several awards, including the Outstanding Utility Model at the 2010 National Invention Contests and Exhibits; third prize in the 8th National S&T Fora and Competition in Industry and Energy Research and Development and the F.O. Tesoro Technology Transfer Award in 2009, among others.

It has also been granted a Certificate of Registration on Utility Model by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.

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