Pioneering S&T foundation marks 30th year

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The Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology (PFST) held its 2014 general membership meeting last June 24 at the Metropolitan Club in Makati City to formally mark the organization?s 30th year of incorporation.

recognition _founding members

PFST chair Meneleo J. Carlos Jr., who played a vital role in bringing the Internet to the Philippines 20 years ago, called the meeting to order upon confirmation from board secretary Ernesto Albano that a quorum has been reached.

PFST president Filemon T. Berba Jr. made a presentation on the following:

? ?Revisiting? PFST?s vision and mission
? Identifying the ?vehicles? in achieving the VMG
? Accomplishments through the years
? Acknowledging the men and women behind PFST and the generous collaborators, supporters, friends and sponsors
? Current challenges, and
? A call for support and assistance in addressing those challenges

Berba capped his presentation by showing a seven-minute AVP of the foundation?s accomplishments over the past 30 years.

In gratitude to the pioneering efforts of PFST?s founding members, Berba awarded a token of appreciation to the four founding members present during the meeting, namely: Carlos, Rogelio Luis, Augusto de Leon, and Ceferino Follosco (represented by daughter, Maret Follosco-Bautista).

The nominated and elected 10 trustees of the PFST Board are all re-elected trustees from the 2013 BOT, namely:

1. Meneleo Carlos Jr.
2. Filemon T. Berba Jr.
3. Rodolfo S. Salazar
4. Rogelio L. Luis
5. Corazon PB. Claudio
6. Jesus P. Francisco
7. Ramon I. Castillo
8. Nicanor S. Villasenor III
9. Saturnino Belen Jr.
10. Daniel H. Valeriano Jr.

Former Prime Minister Cesar Virata led the oath-taking of the newly-elected board. The proposed amendments to PFST?s Articles of Incorporation were presented and approved by the assembly in compliance to the requirements to Philippine Council for NGO Certification?s requirements.

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