Pinoy Internet users depend on cloud even if 7 out of 10 doubts its security

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A new survey from Trend Micro has revealed that seven in 10 Filipino Internet users are worried about storing personal information on the cloud, with 65% saying they do not trust the cloud at all.

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Despite this, 65% of the respondents still use it to store photos and 80% of the respondents still store personal and work-related documents in the cloud.

?According to our Trend Micro online poll, we know that consumers in the Philippines are spending more time in social media (98%), Web-browsing (94%) and entertainment (79%) online. Despite this increased reliance on the Internet, many are ambivalent towards online security,? said Andrew Tan, Consumer marketing manager, Southeast Asia at Trend Micro.

The top three greatest fears respondents have in the event of an online security breach are: stolen personal and financial data (79%), viruses and malware infections (70%), and identity theft (57%).

?It?s a fact of life that all laptops, smart phones, PCs and tablets are susceptible to data theft, and stealing information from one?s digital life is easier than most people think,? said Akihiko Omikawa, executive vice president at Trend Micro.

?People are accessing the Internet anytime and anywhere. It?s hard to know if personal or business information is being shared without permission. We want to ensure our customers are protected in this fast-changing world, providing them with advanced protection without disruption.?

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