Philips in bold bid to apply light expertise in healthy lifestyle products

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With its healthcare division now comprising the biggest part of its business, Dutch electronics giant Philips has turned its attention on creating products that take advantage of its expertise in lighting technology and healthcare know-how.

Top global and regional executives of Philips attended the conference held at Hotel Fort Canning in Singapore
Top global and regional executives of Philips attended the conference held at Hotel Fort Canning in Singapore

At a recent regional conference, dubbed ?Philips Innovation Experience,? held at Hotel Fort Canning in Singapore, the company unveiled its new batch of lifestyle products, including a slew of contraptions that employ innovations using lighting technology.

Global and regional executives who flew to attend the event also emphasized the fact that Philips, being a pioneer electronics firm, is now in the perfect position to exploit the Internet-of-Things (IoT) trend currently sweeping the consumer tech space.

In particular, Philips is not allowing itself to be left behind in the booming market for smartwatch-cum-fitness tracker that is now in rage among fashion and health enthusiasts.

At the confab, top officials showed around the company?s first ?health watch? that was previewed at the IFA trade exhibit in Germany last September. The health watch, which features ?a proprietary optical heart rate sensor and accelerometer for lifestyle tracking,? is expected to be commercially available in the region early next year.

As a tech brand that has built its reputation in lighting technology and healthcare equipment, Philips also introduced a number of products that tap on these core strengths.

Among the interesting innovations that fuse lighting and healthcare technologies were the BlueTouch, which uses ?blue light? to treat chronic body pain, and City Farming, which employs LEDs to provide optimal light spectrum for indoor growth of plants and vegetables.

With BlueTouch, the Netherlands-based electronics giant aims to harness the power of blue light to treat body pain in a simple and easy way. Blue light, it said, is particularly beneficial in the treatment of pain as it increases blood flow that supports the body?s natural recovery processes.

The BlueTouch device can be operated via smartphone through its Treatment app. Philips said the app is designed to choose, control and customize pain relief programs, giving users the flexibility they need to best manage their own unique kinds of pain.

City Farming, on the other hand, intends to help farmers and communities address the problem of climate change and the lack of arable lands for planting crops.

Under this technology set-up, energy-efficient LED bulbs from Philips are utilized to grow plants without sunlight in indoor environments close to or within cities.

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