Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Globe allows post-paid users to ?roll over? or share unused data

Globe Telecom has announced that its post-paid subscribers have now the ability to ?roll over? unused mobile data or share it with other users or devices.

Data Sharing with Family

Said to be a first in the Philippines, the Globe myLifestyle plans with data roll-over feature allows unused MBs to be carried over to the next month. This way, no data allocations are wasted and customers get the most out of their mobile connectivity.

With this, the validity of unused GoSURF MBs are extended for another month. As an example, if a user used 2 GB of his or her 3 GB data allowance this month, the 1 GB left-over will be added to the following month?s data allocation.

The service is available for all Globe myLifestyle plan customers free of charge. All one has to do is to register once to any GoSURF with rollover variant, and the subscriber can begin enjoying the rollover feature monthly. Rolled over data is consumed first before the current month?s actual allocation.

Data sharing, on the other hand, allows Globe post-paid customers to share one data plan among family members or across a user?s various devices ? all within one postpaid account.

With this new feature, customers need not worry about draining their batteries from using their phone?s hotspot to share data with others.

The new feature also gets a plus for convenience of getting everything in one bill, as well as value for money ? eliminating the need for extra postpaid lines or separate data plans for other devices.

Sharing can be done to either new lines or existing myLifestyle Plans within the same account, for a minimum charge of P100 Share Fee per share per month.

To avail of either of the latest features, customers should enroll to GoSURF Share and Rollover by calling 730-1000 or visiting the nearest Globe store to make the changes in the account.


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