Friday, September 22, 2023

PH socks maker adopts NetSuite to modernize biz processes

Cloud computing firm NetSuite, formally known as Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit, has announced that Valenzuela-based Dowi Hosiery Mills has implemented NetSuite to modernize and streamline key business processes.


Dowi Hosiery Mills now uses NetSuite for financials, order management, invoicing, billing, purchasing, receiving, shipping, RMA management, multi-location inventory, reporting and analytics.

With NetSuite cloud ERP, Dowi Hosiery said it did not have to hire eight full-time employees that it otherwise would have needed to add just to keep up with the order processing and inventory tracking demands under the old systems and accelerated the path to market for new lines of socks with high-tech fibers.

The company also observed that it is able to deliver much better service to its retail partners.

Founded in 1979, Dowi Hosiery Mills makes socks and hosiery for the Philippine market, selling brands such as Darlington and Exped through nearly 100 retailers.

Dowi’s retail partners include some of the nation’s most prominent names including SM, Robinsons, and Landmark. Each retailer has its own requirements for order integration and data transparency.

Dowi had operated its business for years on homegrown, custom software, and databases, but the system had severe limitations. The company felt these software limitations harmed the company’s ability to strengthen its retail relationships, and made it difficult to accurately match manufacturing output with demand.

?Our old software needed too many clicks and actions to complete basic transactions, which led to numerous delays,? said Marvin Tan, VP for operations at Dowi Hosiery Mills.

Dowi considered several on-premise solutions, but chose NetSuite for a native cloud ERP solution that meets the needs of a modern, growing business.

?With NetSuite, we understand all of our inventory with the click of a button, and we never have to worry about servers or software,? Tan said. ?Everything we need to run our business is easy to see and operate, and we can access our solution from anywhere.?


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