Thursday, July 18, 2024

Lenovo taps veteran exec to lead PH mobile business unit

Tech titan Lenovo has picked seasoned communications and mobile executive John Rojo as the new head of its mobile business group in the Philippines.

Lenovo mobile business group country manager John Rojo
Lenovo mobile business group country manager John Rojo

Rojo, who replaced Dino Romano as country manager, will be in charge of growing Lenovo?s mobile brands in the country which include the iconic Motorola line.

Prior to his new appointment last April, Rojo was the business unit head of Open Communications, a member of the Tao Group of Companies and local distributor of Lenovo mobile phones.

Rojo was also a top communications and public relations executive with long stints in Bayan Telecommunications and Aboitiz Group of Companies.

While technically belonging to just one company, Lenovo’s mobile division operates autonomously from the tech firm’s PC unit which is headed locally by its country manager Michael Ngan.

In a press statement, Rojo touted the company?s new set of smartphones under the Motorola brand, which he says ?embody Lenovo?s commitment to meeting the needs of different users at every level.?

?With the Moto C, Moto C Plus, and Moto E4 Plus, Lenovo gives millennials the freedom to choose from a range of smartphones that pack the essentials ? and more ? at affordable prices. This exciting new smartphone lineup is part of our expanded Motorola product portfolio aimed at broadening our market reach across the Philippines,? he stated.


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