Online Fight Club | Twister vs. Topacio

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Mo Twister ? who has weathered his own share of past controversies ? got involved in another one recently. This time, the DJ who is known for his snarky wit was not the provocateur. He did not draw first blood ? at least, not against his direct smackdown opponent Atty. Ferdinand Topacio.

It all started when Mo Twister weighed in on the Mocha Uson-Kris Aquino debacle. Topacio then reacted to the said tweet and it snowballed from there.

We live in interesting times, when people are full of opinions…about other people’s opinions. Such is the painful cycle of social media-flavored news. It is the favorite platform of people who do not know when to just shrug it all off and let others be. In this case, there was really no need to tweet something so incendiary to react to someone else’s reaction to a very public spat.

Alas, we are not the ones in the debacle. Perhaps, it is different when you have to prove to the team you are playing for that you are willing to go after anyone whose opinion does not conform to what the ruling hive wants to hear.

So, who wins here? We can’t really say, but we realized Mo Twister would be a really effective lawyer (the kind you go to if you want someone to shake things up) if he ever decides to be one. But how unfortunate for those who ended up as “collateral damage.” It’s the same case in real life.

This is an online smackdown between a younger man and an older one that is way more brutal than the one between Atom Araullo and Mike de Leon. And, heck, our head still has not stopped shaking over that one. (We’re slow this way…as slow as the average speed of the Internet connection in this country.)

Meanwhile, the problems that plague us all remain the same.

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