Spam-preventing job search app for blue collar, service sectors now in PH

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By Espie Angelica A. de Leon

FindWork, a recruitment platform for blue collar and service industry jobs, has launched its app in the Philippines while acquiring a $2-million funding from angel investors to help more workers in Southeast Asia get employed.

Findwork co-founders Kevin Williams (left) and Allen Tan

According to FindWork founder and CEO Kevin Williams, people in this market segment do not have their own laptops or open their Web browser to search for a job, hence the idea of providing them with an app instead.

Blue collar and service industries are also saddled with high turnover rates as well as scams and frauds commonly occurring during the recruitment process. FindWork?s algorithms and cutting-edge technologies help prevent these while enabling companies to spot the best candidates and making job search more convenient for jobseekers.

Unique to FindWork are its Extended Reach and Fingerprint Plus technologies.

Extended Reach takes a paid job post from the platform into Facebook (FB) and Instagram where it is shown via carousel-style advertising. While the job post is being displayed on social media and applicants begin to engage, Fingerprint Plus tracks them down ? from the time they register on social media up to recruitment.

Along the way, Fingerprint Plus gets to create a defined demographic and behavior profile of job candidates which will be useful for machine learning algorithms. It achieves this by recording each applicant?s IP address and browser ID every time he clicks on a featured job post.

?We collect current location, age, gender, job title, years of experience and more. We can create real targeted audiences per job category and job type to better recommend jobs to signed up candidates and know exactly who to target on social media for non-signed up candidates,? said Williams.

Meanwhile, the app?s drag-and-drop Trello-style applicant tracking system helps the HR department to monitor a candidate?s progress. A matching percentage score for each candidate helps the employer to make informed decisions. The candidate then receives an in-app notification and email regarding his status.

Lastly, the app?s in-platform chat with a user-friendly interface allows for more reliable communication between employer and applicant without giving out phone numbers and email addresses to unqualified applicants. This lessens the possibility of spam.

?Our app is not only limited to fresh graduates,? Williams added, ?we also have partner companies who are willing to hire K-12 graduates.?

The app likewise welcomes employers with openings for freelance and part-time employment.

At present, the app works in such a way that a job applicant registered in Manila can only apply for jobs in Manila. The team however plans to feature job announcements outside Manila and outside the Philippines as well.

Aside from the Philippines, the app has also launched in Indonesia and now has over 30,000 jobseekers and more than 500 employers using it. FindWork plans to expand to other Southeast Asian countries.

The app is downloadable for free on Google Play Store. To post a job opening, log on to this site.

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