Saturday, April 20, 2024

Global mobile video rankings put PH market in last place

A new survey on the quality and speed of mobile videos worldwide has again validated what Filipinos already know ? that the Philippines has the worst video experience and one of the slowest globally.

In the study conducted by telecom research firm OpenSignal, the Philippines scored a measly overall video score of 34.98 to place dead last in the video experience category. The Czech Republic topped the list with a score of 68.52.

In the overall mobile speed category, the Philippines posted an average speed of 6.03 Mbps to finish third from last in the rankings. South Korea had the fastest speed at 45.58 Mbps.

The report noted that the Philippines, along with three India and Iran, fell below the Fair threshold into Poor territory (0-40), where the typical consumer experience is characterized by frequent stalling during video playback and long loading times even for low-resolution video.

OpenSignal said the survey revealed that countries with the most sophisticated networks and the fastest speeds aren’t necessarily those providing the highest-quality video-viewing experience.

?In the case of mobile video, faster isn’t always better,? the report said, which covered 69 countries around the world.

Eleven of the 69 countries analyzed earned a ?Very Good? rating on OpenSignal’s video experience scale, meaning mobile video loaded quickly and rarely stalled even at higher resolutions.

?But even among those elite nations there is still room for improvement. No country achieved the highest video experience rating of Excellent,? it said.

South Korea was by far the fastest of the countries analyzed in the report, but 15 other countries ranked higher in video experience.

European countries tended to outperform the rest of the world in mobile video experience. Not only did an EU nation top the list, but of the 11 countries that earned a ?Very Good? score, nine of them were in Europe.

OpenSignal said the analysis showed that video experience and connection speed are linked in countries where speeds are relatively slow, but once a country passes the 15 Mbps threshold in average overall download speed, the raw power of connections has little bearing on streaming video quality.

OpenSignal said its video experience metric was derived from an International Telecommunication Union (ITU)-based approach for measuring video quality.


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