Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Pinoy tech firm making mark in digital transformation industry

A homegrown technology company, Radenta, is making strong headway in the solutions integration industry as local companies take their digital transformation journeys.

Radenta president Randall Lozano

Radenta provides best-of-breed technologies through its pool of local engineers who specialize in technology integration, virtualization and cloud technologies. Technical support is 24/7 availability to ensure business continuity and integration for seamless management and operations. 

Behind the company is IT veteran Randall Lozano who sits as president of Radenta. ?Digital transformation is a big challenge for any organization, some of them don?t even know how to start, and that is where Radenta comes in. We don?t just offer off-the-shelf services and products right off the bat. We first look at the whole ecosystem and go through a series of back and forth with clients to find out what they really need. The end goal is to always achieve a cohesive digital transformation of client companies.?

Radenta also aims to take the burden off client companies by taking on incident response and troubleshooting. The system health check may include on-site and off-site manpower availability, prevention, detection, incident documentation and knowledge transfer. This way, the client?s internal IT team can focus on its own technological innovations.

Solutions enablement is another core competence of Radenta. This may include workshops, technical updates, formal training sessions and certification programs to build familiarity and skills in managing the systems the client and Radenta have built together. 

Radenta sees a huge marketplace out there. Lozano said, ?We make world-class IT solutions available to the Filipino market. We do projects for both the business sector and the government. We have so far handled telecommunication, banking and finance, media and entertainment, manufacturing and retail. Solutions integration is now a valuable aspect of every industry.?

One of Radenta?s technology refresh projects for a telecommunications company led to faster processing of transactions, a more stable environment, and improved security using a database machine and flash storage system.

Radenta is also the first to implement an on-premise private cloud appliance with the latest storage technology in the Philippines. This resulted into centralized infrastructure and resource allocation that allow flexibility to consolidate workloads on one system. 


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