Sunday, April 14, 2024

JobStreet reveals top drivers that attract Pinoy employees

By Ram Superable Agustin

Online job listings platform recently released the results of a commissioned study that aims to identify the industry-specific drivers that affect employee satisfaction. country manager for the Philippines Philip Gioca

From January 18 to March 4 this year, the insights and feedback 18,378 Filipino employees were gathered for the study entitled “Laws of Attraction.”

The study is considered as the largest in scale ever to be performed by JobStreet and is targeted for hiring companies and employers as a knowledge resource and an online tool for them to be able to develop effective strategies in attracting and keeping satisfied employees. country manager for the Philippines Philip Gioca explained: “Candidates are actually attracted to different industries, different companies, because of different attractions or criteria. That is now being made available as a tool for the hirers in the Philippines.”

Gioca added that understanding minute differences can result in an increase of job satisfaction among employees. He revealed that the top three drivers of attraction include salary/compensation, career development or opportunities, and a work-life balance.

These drivers, however, still vary depending on where among the 25 key industries the study’s respondents came from are. That is why the study states that there is no single “cookie-cutter” approach to attracting and retaining employees.

As an example, employees working in the Marketing/Advertising/Media industries have the lowest concern for job security and give more importance to work-life balance while government workers are driven by job security the most.

Also included in the study is where different age groups gravitate towards when it comes to finding a career. More employees that hail from the Gen Z find Accounting and Marketing more appealing whereas Millenials prefer employment opportunities in the Medical and Science and Technology fields.

“This year’s study is not just the largest study we’ve done. The unprecedented level of detail in the data gives us actionable insights on even the tiniest factors that can make or break an employee,” said Gioca.

To check out the detailed results of the “Laws of Attraction” study, just click this link.


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