Tuesday, July 16, 2024

E-payment firm Dragonpay unveils SureTayo mobile app

Dragonpay — which provides payment solutions for merchants accept or disburse payments online — now has a free-to-use escrow service mobile application to help both buyers and sellers enjoy the benefits of secure and reliable purchasing transactions.

Robertson Chiang, founder and CTO of Dragonpay Corporation

SureTayo, which can already be downloaded from Google Play for Android or from the App Store for Apple devices, acts as a third-party payment solution and makes use of Dragonpay as an alternative payment channel.

The app will receive the payment funds from the buyer and will only release it to the seller once the ordered item has been delivered and received. The platform does not have a desktop version, but the smartphone app’s user interface maintains a straightforward design and uncomplicated features.

The app has six main tools: Profile, Order, Transactions, Payout, FAQ, and Rewards. The Rewards tool is still currently unavailable, but the rest are ready for us. Sellers can place their information and links to their customers in their profile area while the transaction tool is a way for sellers to track whether payments have already been accomplished or not.

Digital invoices are also available through the Order button which will automatically send to the buyer through SMS, email, or other messaging apps. Included in the invoice is the link that buyers can use to pay via Dragonpay payment channels.

Sellers can also opt to let the income from transactions accumulate and check their balance from their registered bank account in the app through the Payout button. And for the users who have difficulty with basic or technical aspects regarding the app, a simple click on the FAQ button will do the trick.

“We created SureTayo with the promise of making the seller-buyer transactions convenient, fast, and easy, and I am proud to say that we were able to do it,” explained Robertson Chiang, founder and CTO of Dragonpay Corporation.

He also mentioned that the company is setting its sights on innovating constantly. He added: “We developed SureTayo to ensure that we adapt to the needs of our clients.”


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