Real estate investment platform gets boost from blockchain tech

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Blockchain technology has been an enabling force for many tech-based startups, especially when it comes to the financial and digital sectors. Now, the first tokenized real estate platform in Philippines has been unveiled. It aims to make real estate investment processes as convenient as trading stocks.

C Estates COO and co-founder Eli Becislao

The C Estates platform is an end-to-end solution that accommodates a faster and easier way of property listing. It offers a more secure tokenization in a marketplace environment accessible for both buyers and sellers.

Aside from property listing, the platform captures the value chain of real estate in its entirety which includes due diligence, assessment, buy and sell, as well as property renting.

For investors, properties become a tradeable instrument which can be bought or gained value from with its appreciation, as well as an income source from rental of managed properties. The platform is considered as the first fractionalized real estate investing platform that is accessible not only locally, but to the Asian market as well.

Security will not be an issue since transactions are permanently recorded through digital ledgers. Crowdfunding for raising capital and awareness in real estate projects can also be accomplished through the platform. This connects high networth investors to possible fruitful ventures that are unable to reach them.

To showcase how effective and convenient the platform is when it comes tokenizing properties, two residential condominium properties located in Makati City were used as examples. C Estates helps the properties be available to a wider audience, simplify cross-border transactions and turns the assets liquid.

“What can change the world is something or someone who will challenge what most people usually believe. Without challenge, there will be no opportunity. We are very much prepared for the challenge of a changing real estate industry,” said C Estates founder and chairman Teru Sumida.

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