BGC Bus now accepts GCash payments, intros new QR ticket system

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BGC Bus and Cebu-based Topline Express Ferries recently announced their adoption of a QR-based payment and passenger ticketing system with their first mobile wallet partner GCash and payment solutions provider AF Payments. With the new system, passengers now have an added cashless option to pay for their fares.

Commuters can now either pay cash for a Quick Response (QR) Code-based; ticket that they can scan in validation terminals before boarding the ferry or bus which replaces the manual validation of tickets before, or pay using the Pay QR feature of GCash which automatically prints the tickets and deducts the amount from the account.

The collaboration between the three was forged as an effort to add another use case for cashless payments in the Philippines through an automatic fare collection system to elevate ticketing standard adoptions and to lessen the use of traditional cash.

“This is a new era in transport ticketing. It’s a smart solution where both operators and commuters enjoy the efficiency and ease of use associated with QR technology. We are grateful to our partners for supporting the initiative and hope to replicate the same elsewhere in the Philippines,” said Joey Lim, AF Payments chair.

AF Payments said it is continuously reaching out to other transport operators and key industry players to widen the reach of QR ticketing. The initiative is expected to benefit e-wallet customers in the country, as well as improve the overall operational speed of boarding passengers and add more payment options.

Anthony Thomas, CEO of Mynt, the operator of Gcash, said their company is also looking to replicate the model with other transport service providers, noting that businesses must explore more ways to leverage Mynt’s technology to improve customer experiences.

“We are opening our QR ticketing ecosystem to other market players,” said AF Payments president Rene Almendras, adding that its QR ticketing system for other partner buses in Metro Manila is already in the pipeline and ready to be executed in the following months.

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