Solon asks PCC to settle ‘Angkas’ grievances, monopoly issues

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Bagong Henerasyon party-list representative Bernadette Herrera has called on the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) to step in and decide the current controversy between the LTFRB and motorcycle-riding app Angkas.

Angkas bikers hold “unity gathering” at EDSA Ortigas on Sunday, Dec. 22, to protest the LTFRB decision

Users and bikers of Angkas are up in arms against the decision on the LTFRB to put a cap on the number of Angkas bikers at 10,000 in a move that is supposedly meant to prevent the monopoly of Angkas of the local market. Two new players are also given the allocation of 10,000 each for a total of 30,000 limit for Metro Manila.

The LTFRB order will put 17,000 of 27,000 bikers of Angkas out of work by next year.

Herrera said the PCC can act on its own (motu proprio) without need for a petition to take cognizance of the decision of the competition policies of LTFRB, including the new decisions on Angkas and two entering market players.

“The PCC was created to precisely settle matters pertaining to competition, market regulation, and monopolies. It has motu proprio power to conduct fact-finding and preliminary inquiry,” Herrera said.

The  lawmaker also noted that Republic Act 10667 (Section 32) gives the PCC quasi-judicial powers of “original and primary jurisdiction in the enforcement and regulation of all competition-related issues.”

“It is good that the LTFRB is allowing the entry of two new players, but their entry should not mean loss of livelihood for Angkas riders because that would be an injustice to the rider and their families,” Herrera said.

“Angkas may want to consider going to the PCC or Court of Appeals for remedies to their grievances with LTFRB,” she added.

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