PH ranks 10th with most tweets about gaming

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In 2019, there were more than 1.2 billion tweets about gaming globally, up nearly 20% compared to 2018.

Filipino gamers and enthusiasts also come to Twitter to talk about the biggest moments of the year — the game drops, the fandom, and more, all year long. In fact, the Philippines ranks 10th on countries that tweeted the most about gaming.

Filipinos created an online uproar whenever they watch e-sports events. Aside from passionately following their favorite teams, tweeting their reactions is one way of showing how hyped up they are during games.

This 2019, Filipinos were ecstatic when back-to-back champion, Team OG, heavily used the battlecry #LakadMatatag in their chat wheel during The International 2019. Lakad Matatag, meaning “to walk strongly,” originated from Filipino casters Marlon Marcelo and Aldrin Pangan.

In the local scene, teams such as The Nationals, Liyab, and 30th SEA Games medalists, Team SIBOL were at the forefront of promoting e-sports in the country.

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