PLDT giving out trial licenses for remote collaboration tools

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, telecom titan PLDT said it is giving out free trial period licenses to their enterprise customers to access and use business-grade collaboration tools Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts.

The solutions enable administrators of online meetings and its users face-to-face conferencing calls, simultaneously view and share files, access presentation materials, and connect other meeting applications to boost productivity remotely.

Cisco Webex allows groups to host meetings, with up to 1000 participants, anytime and anywhere and can be used free for 90 days. On the other hand, Google Hangouts can accommodate up to 250 participants through easy access of any participant and can be used for free until July.

Microsoft Office teams also easily supports telecommuting processes to host meetings, share files, seamless videoconferencing features, and presentation of any Microsoft applications in the group meetings. Interested customers just need to reach out to PLDT to provide the free licenses.

“We’re here to assist businesses in providing these timely solutions and aid them in their transition to these new operational norms we’re all adapting to. These will allow them to stay connected in their collaboration efforts and become productive to their respective companies and teams similar to being physically present in the office,” said PLDT head of enterprise Jovy Hernandez.

“We know how business continuity is critical for all businesses, as we ourselves in PLDT are also in the process of adjusting our workforce and workflow in these trying times. Rest assured that our teams are ready to assist enterprise customers who would want to try and implement these solutions for their groups. Together with the country, we will all get through this stronger and better equipped,” said Hernandez.

PLDT said it has also provided a speed boost to Fibr customers in Metro Manila and parts of Greater Manila – Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal — to help address subscribers’ need to stay connected and work from home.

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