Online session to teach creative professionals find multiple income streams

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Local tax filing and payment website Taxumo is holding free online sessions to help self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs who are now struggling to cope with the “new normal”.

The first session, titled “How To Keep Earning Despite Covid-19: Finding Multiple Income Streams for Creative Professionals”, will feature artist/illustrator Ella Lama. The event is happening on May 20, 2020, Wednesday, 8 pm, via Facebook Live on Taxumo’s Facebook page.

Lama has previously facilitated “Creative Career Roadmap” workshops for artists and entrepreneurs, wherein she discussed the basics of pricing, self-promotion, and business. She has also served as a typography jury member for the 98th ADC Annual Awards.

The “Passion Forward” online sessions is part of Taxumo’s #TimeforHOPE initiative, which stands for Time For Helping Other Professionals and Entrepreneurs. This campaign aims to help the many Filipino self-employed professionals and business owners tide over the economic and personal impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on everyone’s financial, physical, and mental well-being.

EJ Arboleda, CEO of Taxumo, explained: “During these uncertain times, we at Taxumo believe that helping people goes beyond alleviating the economic burden this pandemic has caused. We must collectively build an environment where we can hope for a better future, as we empower ourselves and our communities toward creating more meaningful work beyond this crisis.”   

The #TimeforHOPE initiative will also substantially reduce the rates of the subscription packages on Taxumo across all tiers, allowing professionals and business owners fulfill their tax obligations without breaking the bank.

Professionals and business owners can get up to a maximum of 80% discount from their plans. All they need to do is to share with Taxumo the story of how their business has been impacted by Covid-19 by emailing or chatting with them via the chat box in their website.

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