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Dell’s Optiplex and Latitude lines built for ‘new normal’ work

The Covid-19 pandemic has critically impacted the majority of business models and operations that rely on physical engagement and the traditional concept of workplaces. 

Making it work

When lockdowns and quarantines were implemented, work-from-home arrangements and other remote work formats had an undeniable advantage. 

With a strategy that focuses on addressing the needs of remote workers, Dell Technologies and its local Philippine distributor VST ECS emphasizes on two commercial product lines to tackle the needs of demanding work tasks while maintaining a smaller profile and footprint — Optiplex and Latitude.

In any case, there is a distinct difference between the Optiplex and Latitude lines. 

Power of two

Optiplex zeroes in on next-gen modular desktop solutions that feature a zero footprint design for small workplaces, FHD and 4K UHD display panels with multi-monitor support, flexible expansion options that depend on the user’s performance needs, and the unified endpoint management brought by the Dell Client Command suite and VMware workspace ONE combination. 

When it comes to the Optiplex 7070 Ultra, for example, the PC is completely housed in the display stand. This capability does not only give the freedom for the users to incorporate third-party monitors of their choosing, but it also enables the swapping of elements under the hood.

While the Optiplex series shines in providing desktop workhorses either in the workplace or in a home office setup, the Latitude family revolves around the workstation that can be taken anywhere while inside a backpack.  

The Latitude devices are oriented towards giving more screen real estate and thinner bezels, a premium build for stronger durability, security measures required for enterprise use, all the while being as small and light as possible. This is why most of the devices are 2-in-1 convertibles.

Aside from a smaller footprint and narrow bezels, Latitude laptops comes in carbon fiber and aluminum build options, Dell Technologies’ Express services like ExpressSign-in and ExpressConnect, the newest 8th and 9th gen Intel processors, thermal solutions primed for smaller profiles, and high density batteries for extended usage. 

Future setups

The Optiplex and Latitude are configured as ideal centerpieces to the workplace setups of the future. They meet all the requirements of workers who need to work on the go or work from anywhere. 

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