AWS introduces DevOps Guru powered by machine learning

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In a technologically fast-paced environment, companies are ditching traditional software development practices and infrastructure management processes to instead harness the shorter development life cycle and high software quality brought by DevOps.

AWS DevOps Guru Philippines

And akin to how organizations are enhancing newer and emerging technologies with managed services, Amazon Web Services is doing the same with DevOps by announcing the new fully-managed operations service Amazon DevOps Guru.

This offering is just one of the many services introduced during the ongoing three-week virtual conference hosted by AWS called re:Invent 2020. What started in 2012 with around 6,000 attendees has seen around 500,000 registered attendees for this year’s iteration. And following suit to all major tech events this year, AWS abandoned a live re:Invent in Las Vegas and moved the entire event online.

In a nutshell, utilizing machine learning can help developers detect operational issues automatically, while at the same time being recommended specific actions needed for remediation. Amazon DevOps Guru is able to accomplish this feat through automated collection and analysis of the organization’s application metrics, logs, events, and behavior that deviate from normal operating patterns.  

The program alerts the developers after identifying potential service disruptions or outages through the Amazon Simple Notification Service, along with its recommendations for achieving resolution. With this service, organizations will decrease the downtime for their applications.

Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president for Amazon Machine Learning at Amazon Web Services, said that Amazon DevOps Guru is the company’s answer to the demand for application availability improvements, after all its years of operational experience running

“With Amazon DevOps Guru, we have taken our experience and built specialized machine learning models that help customers detect, troubleshoot, and prevent operational issues while providing intelligent recommendations when issues do arise,” Sivasubramanian said.

In his keynote speech, AWS CEO Andy Jassy reminded organizations that they have to constantly reinvent themselves since the challenge for companies has always been sustainability for long periods of time.

“We thought about what are the keys to reinvention and some if it is building the right reinvention culture and knowing what technology is available to you. You want to be reinventing when you’re healthy, you want to be reinventing all the time.”

AWS DevOps Guru requires no machine learning expertise and manual setup to run. And since this service can be availed by organizations regardless of size, it also does not have any upfront costs or commitments, and instead only charges based on the amount of data it analyzes.

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