House ICT panel approves bill on roll-over data allocation scheme

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The Committee on Information and Communications Technology of the House of Representatives has approved the substitute bill to House Bills 7509, 8085, and 8639, which would mandate and institutionalize a roll-over data allocation scheme.

The House ICT committee during its virtual hearing

Tarlac representative Victor Yap, chair of the committee, said the bills are aimed at ensuring that end-users of Internet services would get the most and enjoy to the fullest the data allocation that they paid for.

The substitute measure requires all Internet service providers (ISPs) to implement a roll-over data system for their subscribers, which would be prioritized to be consumed in the next weeks or months. It would also direct the ISPs to carry over the unused and accumulated data which can be used as rebates.

The panel also approved, with amendments, HB 7081 or the “Satellite-based Technologies Promotion Act,” authored by Albay representative Joey Salceda.

According to Salceda, the bill proposes a satellite-based broadband scheme which is a good alternative because it does not rely on wire-based systems. It can also reach the rural and most far-flung areas in the country, he said.

Moreover, Salceda said a satellite-based Internet connection system has no right-of-way issues and has cheaper fixed-cost requirements.

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