Pinoy-developed app makes appointment scheduling easier for remote teams

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An app developed by Filipino software startup Teemly Labs may change the landscape of appointment scheduling as the world continues to grapple with work-from-home arrangements and remote working teams brought about by the pandemic.

Teemly Labs CEO Harvey Sison

Pre-pandemic days already saw the rise of the gig economy with freelancers working with local and foreign clients remotely despite differing time zones.

With the onset of Covid-19, more office workers and professionals started to work from their homes, increasing the number of remote teams. Thus, meetings became more crucial than ever. Yet, appointment scheduling became more difficult as well, with communication shifting back and forth among team members and clients via email and other online tools.

The appointment scheduling software called Teemly, for which Teemly Labs emerged grand champion during the recent virtual startup competition Sandbox Philippines, takes charge of the situation.

Teemly, a play of the words “Timely Meetings with your Team,” offers a consolidated platform that eliminates the need for emails and messages being sent back and forth to finalize a meeting schedule. Instead, it organizes and streamlines meetings and appointments in just one place.

The software has a powerful automation algorithm that allows it to find compatible times to meet with large groups, send cancellations and rescheduling proposals, manage follow-ups, custom reminders and notifications.

“The technologies that Teemly is running on are a mix of Google and Facebook stack. For our Web application, it’s running on React and NodeJS built with Typescript,” said Teemly Labs CEO Harvey Sison.

“What makes this setup really great is that there are lots of resources and pre-built components we can refer online, allowing our development process to be fast. At the same time, our database and cloud are run with Firebase and Google Cloud respectively. We are using these technologies as they have a free tier that we enjoy. At the same time, it is very easy to use, allowing us to save tremendous amount of time,” Sison explained.

With its various team plans, Teemly can accommodate startups and small businesses as well as medium to large-sized enterprises and organizations, including those with remote teams in different time zones.

“The software best fits teams working under different time zones. As soon as you enter your team’s workspace or the booking link, you can see everyone’s free time at first glance that’s fully sync with several calendars. If you choose to filter members, Teemly will automatically display members you’ve chosen to see,” explained customer success manager Hannah Kua.

She added that a user may integrate his Google calendar into his Teemly account. Eventually, the user will also be able to incorporate Teemly in his usual team workspace.

“Currently, Teemly only caters to scheduling and managing meetings and appointments,” said chief operating officer Tanzell Go. “Soon, we will be introducing agenda management, note-taking and many more to elevate the app in such a way that it efficiently meets the needs of our users at every aspect of organizing and conducting meetings.”

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