JAZA hosts BPI’s ‘After Six’ online interview series

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Local tycoon Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, more popularly known as JAZA, is turning the tables as he sits down with today’s most sought-after local change-makers in “After Six” — an online mini-series by the Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI).

“At After Six, we leave our desks for a more casual spot to hear from some of the country’s change-makers – on what drives them, as well as what they do to recharge and stay inspired. We learn about how BPI enables them as they work to build a better Philippines,” said JAZA.

The first episode of After Six features Brian Cu, a change-maker in the tech and transportation sector — best known for his leadership role as part of the founding teams of several game-changing businesses — such as GoJek, Zalora Philippines, and Grab Philippines. In the feature, Cu shares more about how he plans to add value to the local jeepney sector.

“After Six is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit that connects many of our BPI Preferred clients. It’s a peek behind the curtain to discover what makes them tick, their diverse interests, and why after six is really when the fun begins,” said Mariana Zobel de Ayala, BPI deputy head of marketing.

After Six aims to further strengthen the bank’s relationship with its Preferred clients by building a like-minded community; enabling Filipino trailblazers and entrepreneurs who are changing the game in their respective fields and building a better Philippines.

The show may be viewed on the BPI Preferred website and the BPI YouTube channel.

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