Monday, June 24, 2024

Report: Smart still fastest telco, but DITO posts impressive results

The latest report from mobile metrics firm Opensignal has shown that Smart Communications is still the country’s fastest operator although third telco player DITO is making significant gains.

Opensignal said its Smart users reported the fastest average speeds, both across overall measures of speed for all Filipino users and for overall experience of its 5G users across all generations of mobile technology.

DITO, however, has made a strong entrance in terms of mobile experience, coming second for Games Experience, Voice App Experience and Upload Speed Experience and winning the 4G Availability award outright. DITO and Globe Telecoms were tied in second place for Download Speed Experience.

“These are impressive achievements, given that DITO only launched commercial mobile services back in March this year,” the report said.

“As a recent entrant to the market, DITO has fewer users to support on its network and does not cover users in as far-flung locations as Globe, as demonstrated by its lower 4G Coverage Experience score. DITO’s scores are likely to change significantly as its rollout continues,” it noted.

In the 5G space, Smart was away ahead of Globe – the only telcos covered by the study as DITO has yet to launch its 5G service

The highlights of the 5G Experience Report:

  • Smart won five out of seven of awards for 5G experience outright, including Download & Upload Speed, by significant margins. They also win the 5G Availability, Video Experience and Games Experience awards.
  • Smart is the first Filipino operator to win Opensignal’s 5G Download Speed and 5G Upload Speed awards, which recognize operators for the average speeds seen when Opensignal users were connected to 5G. Smart scored an impressive 178.1 Mbps for 5G Download Speed, 78 Mbps faster than Globe’s score of 100.1 Mbps. Smart users observed average upload speeds of 18.4 Mbps when they had an active 5G connection. This was 7.8 Mbps (72.7%) faster than the 5G upload speeds seen by Globe users.
  • Globe is a joint winner alongside Smart on 5G Reach, a measure of how mobile users experience the geographical extent of an operator’s 5G network.
  • Globe also ties for first place with Smart on 5G Voice App Experience, which analyzes the experience of users when using over-the-top voice apps on 5G networks.
  • Globe is close on Smart’s heels in terms of 5G Video Experience. Smart is the outright winner of this award, but by a margin of only 2.1 points.


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