Saturday, April 13, 2024

Richeese teams up anew with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Buoyed with the positive response of their initial collaboration, snack brand Richeese is renewing its team up with multi-player mobile online battle arena game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), to provide even more chances for players who snack on wafers to win coveted game currency diamonds, legendary skins, and gaming premium items to enhance the experience of strategically levelling up the virtual battles.

Each 50-gram pack of Richeese and Richoco wafer contains cards with QR codes that once scanned, can reveal prizes that players can use in their Mobile Legends game-playing.

Enerlife, Philippine distributors of the creamy cheese and chocolate wafers, had partnered with Montoon, the company behind Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, for an initial promo run earlier this year.

Because the promo generated a level of excitement and positive response that exceeded their expectations, both groups decided to level up the partnership, launching a new season of healthy snacking for equally healthy chances to win prizes for a new set of ML:BB characters — Alucard, Nana, Saber, Balmond, Miya & Alice.


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