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Team Toyota PH revs up for TGR GT Cup Asia finals 2022

Toyota Motor Philippines is inviting the whole nation to support the Philippine team in the Toyota Gazoo Racing Gran Turismo (TGR GT) Cup 2022 Asia Regional Finals, which was live-streamed across participating Asia Pacific countries over the weekend.

Members of Team Toyota Motor Philippines participating in the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Gran Turismo (TGR GT) Cup 2022 Asia Regional Finals

Fans and supporters were able to watch Team Toyota Philippines as they race alongside the toughest e-racers in Asia via the Toyota Motor Philippines and Toyota Gazoo Racing Philippines Facebook pages.

Filipino e-racing champs Estefano Rivera, Russel Reyes, and Topher Tejada are combining their strengths and putting their minds together to prepare to race against the top e-racers of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

After the thrilling local rounds of the TGR GT Cup Philippines 2022, Rivera, Reyes, and Tejada headed to the National Round, where they earned the spots to join the next level. Estefano took first place in the Sporting Class, with Russel coming right behind him.

Meanwhile, Tejada claimed the championship in the Promotional Class, completing the three players who would go on to represent the country in the Asia Regional Rounds as Team Toyota Philippines.

With each representative coming from different yet competitive motorsports backgrounds, the Team Toyota Philippines roster promises a lot of potential.

Before trying his hand at e-racing, Rivera experienced victory on the actual tracks as a professional racer. In 2021, he was hailed the Super Sporting Class Champion of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Vios Cup, Toyota Motor Philippines’ one-make race series.

He has various other motorsport credentials under his belt as well such as winning the 2018 National Gymkhana and being named Slalom King at the 2019 National Slalom Championship.

Reyes is no newbie when it comes to e-motorsports either. Since starting his e-motorsports career in 2019, he has won several championship titles both locally and abroad.

Aside from the TGR GT Cup, Russel has participated in other e-motorsports competitions such as the GSR E-Motorsports Series and Asian Endurance Series 2021, where he has shown his skill in both circuit and endurance races.

Despite being new to the e-motorsports world with the TGR GT Cup 2022 as his first e-racing competition, Tejada does not let his nerves get the better of him. In the local rounds, he showed that newbies too have what it takes to take to win, immediately joining the winners’ podium at third place in the last round of the local rounds before climbing up the leaderboard and finishing first under the Promotional Class at the National Round.


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