Monday, June 17, 2024

LinkedIn unlocks 100 learning courses on AI

Online job platform LinkedIn reported that it has unlocked 100 learning courses that focus on artificial intelligence (AI).

The company said the world of work is constantly changing – from the technologies used to do jobs to the skills needed to progress in one’s career. It said that the world is now in an era driven by rapid advances in automation and AI, with new promises and accompanying challenges.

“The skills we need to grow professionally will have to evolve too. Based on LinkedIn’s latest data, the fastest-growing AI-related skills among professionals in 2022 all hint at the emergence of generative AI, which is a form of AI that has a wide range of applications, including creating text, images, and audio as well as writing code,” the company said.

To help professionals and companies acquire the skills they need in the new world of work, LinkedIn will release 100 LinkedIn Learning courses on generative AI in various languages for free over the next three months beginning March 16.

The complete list of courses, available here, covers:

“We will be testing AI-powered job descriptions to help job posters find qualified candidates more quickly, so they can focus on the more strategic parts of their role like talking to and building relationships with candidates,” the company said.


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