Sunday, June 23, 2024

PLDT intensifies crackdown on illegal modem collection modus

Telco network PLDT has warned its customers about the rising incidents of unauthorized modem collection by fake PLDT personnel in some areas of the country, particularly Pangasinan and other parts of Central Luzon.

“We strongly encourage our customers to transact only with authorized PLDT personnel, especially inside their homes, and to always check for proper identification in case of doubt,” said Cathy Yang, first vice president and group head of PLDT and Smart, adding that PLDT personnel will never collect modems from customers without replacing them first.

“PLDT Group’s initiatives to ramp-up asset protection efforts are part of a broader program to level-up our customers’ experience on our network.”

PLDT earlier raised this warning for customers in Mindanao areas such as Davao City, General Santos, Cotabato and Zamboanga where subscribers have reported that unidentified persons claiming to be PLDT personnel entered their homes and collected their PLDT Fibr modems, disrupting repair and restoration services.

PLDT activated Hotline 164, where citizens nationwide can report similar incidents that often lead to service disruption, including unauthorized modem retrieval, cable theft and cable breakage.

Persons who would like to report such incidents can do so by calling “164” on their landline or mobile phone, regardless of network.

PLDT is also spearheading the National Telecommunications Security Council (NTSC), an industry-wide informal alliance for the mutual protection of telecommunications infrastructure nationwide.

The NTSC is composed of corporate security professionals from the different telecommunications companies in the country.


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