Sins of SocMed | #DoItForTheGram crowd takes it too far at museum

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The National Museum of Natural History in Manila opened its doors to the public on May 18, 2018, which also happened to be International Museum Day. However, it would seem that some of those who flocked to the newly opened museum weren’t really there to be in awe of the displays and installations. They were simply there to #DoItForTheGram.

Yes, sadly, some people only wanted to have their pictures taken at the venue so they could post their photos on their social media pages ? most likely Facebook and Instagram.

Marie Bernadette Tuason (@marievelous on Twitter) was so disturbed by the #DoItForTheGram crowd’s antics that she did a series of tweets on it. Tuason’s tweets, which were posted on May 26, have been retweeted and shared by people who related to her observations. We’ve consolidated Tuason’s through-provoking tweets, with minor edits for clarity and brevity.

A thread about the @natmuseumph National Museum of Natural History, hypocrites, and why there’s no hope for the Philippines.

1. When I got to the museum, I accidentally went to the wrong line. It turned out it was only for senior citizens, PWDs, pregnant women, and parents of infants. However, there was a whole family of more than eight people and they had one infant with them. They told the guard that they should be lining up on that particular line.

2. The regular line was really long, but I was happy that a lot of people are becoming more interested in the arts. That is, until I got inside and saw that most of the people were just taking photos of themselves in basic IG poses (in front of walls, by the stairs, and so on). Don’t get me wrong, taking photos is okay, but there’s always a time and place for everything and that shouldn’t be your priority in such a place.

2.5. Let’s add the fact that a lot of people came into one room, took photos near the door and window, and then left..without even trying to look at the displays.

3. Speaking of displays, LOL at how many people still TOUCH, SIT, or WALK on the displays. Ano na saan ‘yung disiplina?

(Okay, disclaimer, baka sabihin niyo hypocrite din ako: I touched one of the displays kasi akala ko interactive siya. Hindi pala…huhu…umasa ako. Sorry po, honest mistake!)

4. Another #DoItForTheGram moment when we saw this one girl cross over the “restricted” divider just so she could have a perfect shot by the ramp.

5. ‘Yung I was quietly reading something about dugongs and other whales when someone asked me to move so she could get her photo taken. Awaw, utut mo teh. Di ako umalis ng mga 5 minutes. HAHAHA.

6. When we were quietly reading about Lolong’s replica when someone just blocked our view just to take A SELFIE WITH THE DESCRIPTION! As in, hindi selfie with Lolong, guys. Selfie with the description. Ano na?

7. Let’s add na rin one thing that happened just outside the museum. Someone who bought taho threw his/her trash in the gutter but the trash can was just 20 to 30 steps away! Ano na, Pilipinas? YOU WANT CHANGE BUT DON’T WANT TO CHANGE!

So, in conclusion: NMNH was amazing, with even full-sized, moving displays of primitive thinking, undisciplined individuals in modern clothing and using technology.

Tuason raises a lot of good points about how social media has been abused by so many people. Instead of using these platforms to reach out to others, they’ve turned their pages into ongoing vanity projects. There’s nothing wrong with that, as we are all entitled to some self-love. However, it really makes no sense to just #DoItForTheGram. There are things in real life that need one’s attention ? and we’re not just talking about museum displays.

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