Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Bot Uprising | Are ‘fake humans’ the next Instagram influencers?

A CNN report by Kaya Yurieff highlights a growing trend on Instagram ? the rise of the so-called robot or bot influencers. These bot influencers are essentially “fake people.” They look like people and even project a persona through the captions accompanying their photos but each one of them is really just a computer generated image (CGI).

Among the popular bot influencers cited by the article is Miquela (@lilmiquela), who is the creation of a Los Angeles-based startup called Brud.

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Miquela pretty much mimics what her human counterparts would do ? which includes lounging around looking bored, showing trendy clothes, and “eating” what her supposed target market would most likely eat. Ironically, Miquela’s account is verified by Instagram.

Miquela is not alone. There are other bot influencers such as Bermuda (@bermudaisbae), Blawko (@blawko22), and Shudu (@shudu.gram). Shudu, in particular, is billed by her creator as “the world’s first digital supermodel.” Their accounts aren’t Instagram-verified though. At least, not yet.


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While the bot influencer trend has not yet reached its peak, there are indications that they may really give human influencers a run for their money. Case in point: Miquela, Bermuda, Blawko, and Shudu already have thousands of followers.

There may come a time when companies will decide that it makes more sense to spend money on an ageless bot that will live up to all their expectations 24/7. Of course, there will still be those of us who prefer to be influenced by our fellow humans.


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