Monday, April 22, 2024

Communist Party of the Philippines engages in Instagram charm offensive

The great thing about democracy, they say, is that you can say anything you want. In theory, this right applies to everyone ? even the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

Lately, we’ve noticed that the CPP Information Bureau has amped up its social media game. While its Facebook page has been taken down or hacked several times, the CPP Information Bureau has thrived on Instagram, where it currently has 118 followers. That’s not much, but then that’s already a lot considering the fact that the CPP isn’t exactly the Philippine government’s favorite group.

While we’re not in the position to weigh in on what the CPP stands for, we can confine ourselves to judging it based on what it shares in its IG page.

So, based on the Instagram posts alone, we’re assuming that the CPP Social Media Unit (if there is such a thing) is run by a tech-savvy crew whose members are in tune with pop culture. In one post, for instance, the CPP Information Bureau makes a reference to ABS-CBN’s latest big budget primetime series Bagani.

There are also beautifully shot photos of members of the New People’s Army (NPA), the armed wing of the CPP. Nature and food shots, as well as videos, are also on the CPP Information Bureau’s IG feed.


We don’t know if this Instagram account will actually help the CPP recruit more members, but it seems to be very effective in showing people that it has a lighter side. A photo of a male NPA fighter, for example, received a playful comment. “Parang si James Reid. Hahaha,” the follower wrote. The CPP Information Bureau’s reply was this: “Way better because he’s revolutionary.”

The CPP’s IG persona is in stark contrast with how the CPP and the NPA are portrayed in the news. This is a mind-boggling thing to people who have been conditioned to fear, shun, or hate both groups. Perhaps, social media really is the new platform for revolutions.


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