Laser-aided cataract surgery offers ‘augmented reality’ with 3-D view

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A Metro Manila-based eye clinic that offers Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery or LACS has introduced the Lensar Laser System, which features augmented reality with 3-D reconstructed view of the eye.

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Cataract removal is one of the most common and safest surgical procedures worldwide. Until recently, cataracts were still manually removed by the eye surgeon with the aid of a phaco-emulsification machine. An intraocular artificial implant is then placed inside the eye for visual recovery.

Borough Center for Sight, which operates branches in CyberOne Building at Eastwood in Quezon City and at the South Wing of SM Mall of Asia, said the introduction of the Lensar Laser System offers the most advanced imaging capability yet that visualizes the vital parts of the eye before and during the surgical procedure.

It is the only laser that uses the Scheimpflug imaging technology and uses the same proven laser technology used in Lasik procedures, the clinic said

With a slight push of a button, the Lensar Laser System initiates bladeless corneal incisions, rounded centered capsulotomies, and softening of the cataract, it added.

In layman?s terms, Lensar opens the front covering of the lens, softens the cataract, and breaks it down into smaller pieces allowing the surgeon to remove the cataract with ease.

With a perfectly rounded and centered capsulotomy, the surgeon can insert an intraocular implant in the eye with such precision that the patient is assured of lifelong clear vision, the clinic noted.

?Manual capsulotomies, on the other hand, are hard to center and are, more often than not, irregularly shaped which may lead to the decentration of the intraocular lens or IOLs (more importantly for multifocal IOLs), which can result to changes in the quality of vision of patients after cataract surgery,? it said.

Borough Center for Eyes said it also offers Lens Replacement Surgery for those who elect to have their natural lens replaced with an intraocular lens to achieve good quality vision for far, intermediate and reading distances without glasses.

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