Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Asiasoft plans May launch of ?Line Dragonica Mobile’

Asiasoft announced a partnership with Line to launch ?Line Dragonica Mobile,? the mobile version of the popular PC game.

LINE Dragonica Mobile 002

Line Dragonica Mobile is slated for launch on iTunes and Google Play in May, and will be available in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

?As the leading online games publisher in Southeast Asia, Asiasoft is always seeking out the best games and entertainment services for our gamers. There has been more than 18 million gamers who have played the PC version of Dragonica and we can?t wait to release Line Dragonica Mobile with one of the top leading smartphone platforms, Line,? said Siriratt Waisarayutt, deputy managing director of Asiasoft.

Krispol Laijongrak, manager of Line?s Thailand Games and a representative from Line Thailand said ?here are more than 33 million Line users in Thailand and we now have more than 44 active game titles, and a total of 518 million downloads around the world.?

?We are glad to be able to work with Asiasoft, the number one online entertainment service provider in Southeast Asia, to add Line Dragonica Mobile to the list of available games in Line,? he said.

Line Dragonica Mobile is an action role-playing game developed by South Korean games studio, Funigloo. There are six playable classes in the mobile game, namely the Warrior, Knight, Magician, and Archer.

Similar to the PC version of Dragonica, Line Dragonica Mobile will feature daily missions, quests, real time PVP, character outfits, among others.


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